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Live Streaming platform in India

With the advancement in technology and access to the internet, the consumption of online content is only increasing by the day. From a time of physical inter-personal communication, we have moved to a virtual world and the demand for Video-on-demand platforms in India is evident. The content consumption patterns and hyper-connectivity across the globe are altering the way communication works. No longer do people want to just see pre-recorded videos but they want to connect in real time, with people, brands, and even their favorite celebrities. As the Best Live Streaming platform in India, we bring to you the most hassle-free, affordable, and plug-n-play live streaming platform.

Why are we the Best Live Streaming platform in India?

  • Professional video hosting and streaming
  • User and Payment management
  • Live Transactional Video On Demand
  • In-Platform advertising
  • Live to VoD
  • Per User access controls
  • High-performance Pay Per View Platform In India
  • User-level analytics
  • 24/7 live support
  • White Labelling options
  • UHD & BYO Video workflow
  • Past event sales
  • Landing pages

Connect with the best Video on-demand platform in India and let’s get started.

Our platform is used by businesses to share videos for various purposes and objectives like generating leads, brand awareness building, advertising or providing paid access to video streaming.

Our pay per view platform in India can be used for:

  • Corporate or Social Events
  • News and Sports broadcast
  • Educators and Coaches with online courses
  • Sport events streaming
  • Content Creators for live shows
  • Church and worship streaming
  • Weddings
  • Product launches
  • Exhibitions and Award Shows

Connect with the best Video on-demand platform in India and let’s get started.