Amazon Cloud Search Accelerator


Amazon cloud search is a cloud-based search segment of Amazon Web services that helps in integration of various search capabilities into other applications. This segment particularly intends to address all the following issues and challenges that can withhold the migration process and can also hamper the set up of the indexing system.

  • Complicated and time-consuming activity leading to delay in the overall development of the project.
  • Continuous involvement of expert developers for activities like indexing, managing stop words and synonyms , push back the workflow by frequent involvement of developers along with expertise in solution/tool in the said activity.

Issues faced while trying to resolve the challenges

  • Mapping process in alignment with content.
  • Uploading of JSON manual due to its volume.
  • Data analysis to find out the key indexing option from the database.
  • Finding quality and appropriate content to be listed on cloud search.
  • Additional efforts to match the client requirements by adding synonyms/stopwords.

The perfect solution

Looking at the challenges and the hurdles faced while overcoming the same, the XAVA Webserives came up with the perfect solution by developing a connector. The connector helps in connecting the AEM with Amazon cloud search, that further helps in the flawless performance of key functions like indexing and managing keywords. Companies can also take support from the connector to crawl for the worthy content and to put the same on the index without any manual support.

Key features of the connector

  • The option of editing the existing analysis scheme, synonyms and keywords.
  • Reduces the burden by eliminating the writing services.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Configuration of the access key, secret key and domain name made easy.


The implementation of the connector lead to some positive outcomes:

  • No expert services required.
  • Fewer efforts required to perform writing services.
  • The entire cloud search can be connected with the domain name only.
  • Console options like scheme creation and indexing made possible.
  • Hassle-free process of linking AEM and cloud search.
  • Almost 30% reduction in the efforts made by developers to perform functions like indexing.
  • Cost reduction.