How much time does it take to build a Mobile app?

Mobile development process is very comprehensive and the longer it takes, the costlier it gets. The timeline of a mobile app development is unique every time. There is no one size fits all phenomenon applicable here. A range of factors have their own impact and influence the timeline uniquely. There are apps that can be developed in a day nowadays but the ones with advanced features, top notch interface and many next gen requirements may take a tad bit longer than a week or more.

Mobile app development is one process where you do not wish to cut corners when it comes to quality. But, if you invest too much of time in a single app, it is possible that your flush out your money significantly. So, what is the ideal timeline for a mobile app development?

It depends on a range of factors as mentioned below:


Indeed quality is the first factor to consider and nothing should make you compromise on this aspect. To ensure the timeline does not hamper the quality of your process, you must set realistic goals right at the start of the project.

The best mobile app developers deliver the exactly same thing what they promised at the first place. The quality should never suffer. Always remember that high quality apps take time so commit accordingly.


Size matters, yes it does. The length of the development is highly dependable on its size. More complex and large in size apps will take longer than smaller and simple ones. Size is further influenced by other sub factors such as:

  • Scope: The outreach of the app is what scope means here. If the app targets the local market, it would be small, but if it is an app that connects a corporate spread across several countries, it certainly would be larger in size.
  • Depth: The user accessibility is the depth of the project. If the app is accessed frequently, it will have a complex size but when used occasionally, it can be confined to a compact size.
  • Features: The more the features, the larger the size and vice versa. Moreover, if one needs customized features, the size would be impacted again.
  • Purpose: Who will benefit from the app? What is reason for using the app? How the app does makes the user’s life easy and sorted? These are some questions that help you identify the purpose of the app.


The developer:

Yes, the mobile development agency you choose is also a key factor in deciding the timeline of your project. A credible mobile development company with a team of skilled, time-served and passionate developers will definitely build an app faster than an individual freelancer developer or a small shop. A professional team can get the job done within the set deadline.

Mobile app development can become a lengthy and time consuming process which makes you bleed money. However, when you engage a credible mobile development company, the professionals ensure that the development timeline is just apt to the app requirements.

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